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Altitude Training Rental Systems

Are you looking to take your performance to the next level?  Are you preparing for a high altitude race or climb? Hypoxico offers altitude training equipment starting at $175 a week, and we offer a unique Rento-to-Own program in which you can apply 8 weeks of rental towards the overall purchase price.  The Rent-to-Own is a great way to test the equipment and ensure it delivers the performance benefits you have been searching for.

1. Pick a Hypoxico Generator

The altitude generator, also known as a hypoxicator, is the keystone of any altitude training system.  Our Summit II Altitude generator is designed for home-use; combine it with the accessories below for your desired training method. All generators come with a 1- year or 8,000 hour warranty.


Everest Summit II

  • $175 a week (110V/60Hz) (1 month minimum, includes Altitude Tent)
  • Ideal for high alpine mountaineers, athletes, researchers
  • Airflow: 7400 L/Hr
  • Altitude: 12,500ft/3800m
  • 21,000ft/6400m w/ altitude adapter

2. Choose a Altitude Tent Sleep System or Exercise/IHT System

Add an altitude tent or sleep mask to your system and take full advantage of the phenomenon “live high, train low” as you sleep at mountainous heights every night!


  • Free Altitude Tent with any generator rental
  • Easy to pitch and stow for temporary uses and quick setup
  • Packs small and light for travel



  • Free Altitude Tent with any generator rental
  • (Queen or King Size)
  • Covered wagon shape for maximum volume and surface area
  • Clear walls for unobtrusive feel
  • Easy to pitch and stow, packs small for travel

3. Accessories for Exercise/IHT Training

Unlock additional capabilities of your system with some additional accessories.



  • $200 (mask is included) mask must be purchased due to sanitary reasons
  • Sleep at altitude outside of a tent by using in conjunction with our sleep mask
  • Perform hypoxic workouts on your stationary training equipment
  • Perform stationary Intermittent Hypoxic Training for added benefits
  • Acclimatize to altitudes of up to 21,000ft/6400m



  • $5 a week
  • Bring your bed to all new heights (Everest Summit ? 16,000ft/4875m, Everest Ascent ? 13,000ft/4000m)
  • Perform IHT or simple hypoxic exposure through your mask at 21,000ft/6400m

handi oxygen hypoxico altitude


  • $5 a week
  • Use accurate O2% readings to determine your exact simulated altitude
  • Compatible with all Hypoxico Tent and mask systems
  • Convenient and easy to use one-touch spot check design and dial calibration
  • Expected usage is 1100 hours = 49,500 uses at 80 seconds each = 34 uses per day for 4 years

Oxi-Go-Pro Pulse-ox

Oxi-Go-Pro Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  • $5 a week
  • Required for Exercise and IHT Training
  • Use accurate SPO2% readings to determine your blood-oxygen saturation
  • Necessary for Safety and following Training Protocols
  • Required for Exercise and IHT Training
  • Hypoxico Inc sells the most versatile Altitude Training System in the world!

    Each of our products is sold ala carte, so that your system can be customized to perform ALL 3 of the major methods of altitude training.
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