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    Convert any space to a high altitude environment! Hypoxico specializes in the conversion of any space for high altitude exercise training or sleeping. The converted space can be constructed using Read More...
  • Bedroom Conversion

    Convert your bedroom to an altitude room and reap the benefits of sleeping in the mountains. Hypoxico has the capability of converting virtually any room in your home, office or Read More...
  • Altitude Chamber

    Altitude chambers are the ultimate in efficiency and practicality for hypoxic exercise in health clubs, professional training facilities, or in the comfort of your own home or office. With equal Read More...
  • K2 High Flow Series

    Designed for sports teams, training centers, and large rooms, our commercial grade equipment, the K2 High Flow Series hypoxic generators are built for any size space and any number of Read More...
  • Altitude Swimming Pool

      Hypoxico, Inc. is now offering full swimming pool and swimming lane altitude conversions.   For more details, please email salesteam@hypoxico.com Read More...
  • Hypoxico Inc sells the most versatile Altitude Training System in the world!

    Each of our products is sold ala carte, so that your system can be customized to perform ALL 3 of the major methods of altitude training.
  • Call us: 212-972-1009     Email us: SalesTeam@hypoxico.com