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  • Deluxe Altitude Tent

    As Hypoxico’s newest altitude sleep tent, this voluminous tent stands as the perfect option for couples and individuals looking for simplicity and maximum internal usable space.  This altitude tent has Read More...
  • Portable Altitude Tent

    Sleep at altitude from the comfort of your own home.  This Altitude Sleep System is easy to set up and take down and can be brought along to events when Read More...
  • At-Home Cubicle

    The at-home cubicle system is perfect for those individuals (and couples) who primarily use their altitude tent system in one place. It offers the user a more comfortable and spacious Read More...
  • Sleep Mask

    Don’t feel like sleeping in a tent? Try our new ultra-comfortable High Grade Nasal Sleep Mask.  Fully compatible with your Universal Mask Circuit! It allows you to sleep comfortably at Read More...
  • Hypoxico Inc sells the most versatile Altitude Training System in the world!

    Each of our products is sold ala carte, so that your system can be customized to perform ALL 3 of the major methods of altitude training.
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