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Sleeping at Altitude

Sleeping at Altitude, or “Live High, Train Low” is the most widely accepted and common technique used in altitude training. First introduced by Benjamin Levine and James Stray-Gundersen, sleeping at altitude involves prolonged exposure to hypoxia (low-oxygen air) at night with physical training sessions at sea-level during the day.

This method avoids inherent problems associated with permanent residence at altitude such as limited training load in oxygen deficient air, muscle loss, immune system suppression, advanced dehydration and excessive fatigue. Through the use of Hypoxico’s altitude tent system, individuals can safely and effectively take advantage of the scientific maxim “live high, train low” and achieve the benefits associated with exposure to hypoxia.

Case Study: Michael Phelps Olympic Sleep Training

Whether a straight-forward altitude tent system, or a fully automated chamber enclosure or bedroom conversion, Hypoxico, Inc. has a product to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

  • Hypoxico Inc sells the most versatile Altitude Training System in the world!

    Each of our products is sold ala carte, so that your system can be customized to perform ALL 3 of the major methods of altitude training.
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